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The creeping danger of Australian households’ love affair with credit

The Brisbane Times – NSW – By Rachel Browne Social Affairs Reporter Wesley Mission report released last week shed light on the increasing number of households which are technically insolvent or in financial stress. The report found spending outstrips earnings for more than one million households, and 44 per cent are in financial stress. This includes being unable to pay bills [ More ]

Partners kept in dark over cards

Sydney Morning Herald – by John Collett More than a million people across Australia are likely to keep some credit card purchases a secret, or even have a card that their partners do not know about.  Spending could be related to issues such as problem gambling that need to be out in the open, says Katherine Lane, principal solicitor at the Financial Rights Legal [ More ]

Need a helping hand? Don’t get sucked in

The Age – by Christine Long From payday loans to funeral insurance, some financial products come with a warning – and the warning reads: BEWARE, writes Christine Long. Adam Mooney, chief executive of Good Shepherd Microfinance, says high-cost lenders target people on low incomes with “promises of fast cash and online same-day approval”. However, with interest rates as high as 240 [ More ]

Combined Insurance: critics say it’s tip of iceberg

Insurance News Fraud allegations against Combined Insurance have led to consumer groups suggesting fraudulent sales practices could be endemic within the insurance industry.  A former employee of Combined, the Australian operations of which were merged with Ace in 2010, has alleged agents desperate to maximise commissions systematically duped customers, including vulnerable Australians. The Financial Rights Legal Centre told such [ More ]

A little self-knowledge can go a long way

SMH Money – by John Collett Our financial decisions are coloured by emotions, biases and by the people with whom we associate – our peers. Some prefer to live in the moment and not think too much about the future. Some of us make decisions more on “gut feel” than solving problems rationally. It is well-established by psychological research that in [ More ]