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Failure in Government policy sees First Nations peoples lose millions in funeral fund collapse

A coalition of community organisations which work with First Nations consumers and consumer groups are calling on the Australian Government to step in to assist policyholders who have been devastated by the sudden collapse of Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund, which traded as Youpla. Around 15,000 First Nations policyholders and their families have been left unable to pay for their funerals [ More ]

Confusing insurance definitions for extreme weather events must be standardised

Australians who face devastating property losses following natural disasters such as the recent floods confront further hardship when trying to claim on their insurance because of confusing terms and conditions and fine print limitations in their policies. A new report commissioned by Financial Rights Legal Centre has called upon the Australian Government to simplify and standardise key insurance definitions used [ More ]

Media release: Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund Pty Ltd No. 2 Pty Ltd (Youpla) in liquidation

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have funeral insurance policies with Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund No. 2 Pty Ltd should contact Mob Strong Debt Help on Facebook and our webpage. More than 3,400 of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have lost their funeral insurance policies after it was announced that Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund No. 2 Pty Ltd [ More ]

Time to finally end the harm done by Cigno loans

Consumer groups and financial counsellors are urging the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to act now to put an end to the use of harmful lending models used to charge excessive fees on top of short-term loans.