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CCLC has a new name

Information about our name change from the Consumer Credit Legal Centre (NSW) to the Financial Rights Legal Centre.

From 2 June 2014, the Consumer Credit Legal Centre (CCLC) will be known as the Financial Rights Legal Centre (no acronyms please). The change is in name and logo only – our services remain the same.

We are a community legal centre that specialises in helping consumer’s understand and enforce their financial rights, especially low income and otherwise marginalised or vulnerable consumers. We provide free and independent financial counselling, legal advice and representation to individuals about a broad range of financial services and we advocate for law reform and government policy development that benefits consumers in these areas.

The name Consumer Credit Legal Centre has served us well, however it no longer captures the breadth of our services or areas of expertise. We decided that there was a need for a name that had a better fit with what we do, and was easier to understand for consumers.

Our clients and stakeholders also told us that the name CCLC didn’t clearly explain what we do as a legal centre and what consumers can expect from us when they call one of our advice hotlines.

Our clients, stakeholders and staff had an active role in choosing our new name and I’m delighted that we have received approval to adopt the name that was most favoured.

From 2 June 2014, you will find our website at Please take the time to update any links to our website. We will continue to keep the web address open for a time, so that if people enter this address they will be automatically directed to our website.

You can continue to use any email addresses for us if you swap ‘cclcnsw’ for ‘financialrights’, for example rather than

Over the coming months you will start to see our new name more and more as we update existing publications and contacts. During this time you might still see the name CCLC, but please be assured we are the same organisation offering the same quality legal and financial counselling services to consumers in Australia.

I hope you like our new name and hope it won’t take long to think of us as Financial Rights. We look forward to continuing to work with you.