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Financial Rights produces a regular E-flyer with a range of articles on systemic issues in financial services including tips for consumers, community workers and financial counselors. To sign up to receive our E-flyer when it is released click the Sign up to our E-flyer button at the bottom of the page.

Financial Rights E-flyer: November 2021
  1. Insurance Family Violence policies: Desktop Audit
  2. Credit Reporting and economic abuse
  3. How we have helped – Economic Abuse case studies
  4. Mob Strong Debt Help: Look out for the signs of “humbugging” Aboriginal Elders
Financial Rights E-flyer: August 2021
  1. Insurance Law Service cuts hours of operation due to inadequate funding
  2. Responsible lending: Update on the status of the bill and possible outcomes.
  3. Recent Changes to Credit Reporting: updated legal fact sheet
  4. New Report – Exposed: Insurance problems after extreme weather events
  5. Retailers providing credit cards: Irresponsible lending through department stores and retailers.
  6. Natural disasters and bushfires funding: Working with Welfare Rights to spread a message that we can help people.
  7. Family Violence and General Insurance: Desktop audit of family violence policies
Financial Rights E-flyer: April 2021
  1. NSW Floods: Helping people through insurance claims
  2. What’s ahead for mortgagees after COVID-19 relief measures end?
  3. How an end to responsible lending could affect your clients
  4. Debt collectors and their underhanded tactics: “Sham judgments”
  5. The risks with funeral insurance: Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund (now Youpla)
  6. Financial Rights Community Legal Education: What’s available
Financial Rights E-flyer: December 2020
  1. What we do at the Financial Rights Legal Centre: Save Safe Lending Campaign
  2. Funeral insurance a risky business for the Indigenous community
  3. COVID-19: Motor vehicle accident insurance claim delays
  4. Radical overhaul of privacy laws required
  5. The risks and opportunities of Open Insurance
  6. Consumers warned to avoid Christmas debt
Financial Rights E-flyer: June 2020
  1. Advice and assistance in the time of COVID-19
  2. A difficult journey: Travel Insurer’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  3. Should clients access their super… again?
  4. Temporary changes to the Bankruptcy Act: a case study
  5. Three month COVID-19 hardship check-in with the banks
Financial Rights E-flyer: March 2020
  1. Advice and assistance in the time of COVID-19
  2. First came the fires, then the floods. And the battle with the insurer.
  3. Commissioner Hayne’s funding suggestion that fell through the cracks.
  4. COVID-19 and travel insurance. Buyers beware!
  5. Mob Strong Debt Helpline
  6. Trent Zimmerman MP
Financial Rights E-flyer: January 2020 (Special Bushfire Edition)
Financial Rights E-flyer: October 2019.
  1. What we do at the Financial Rights Legal Centre: Advocate for clients in relation to insurance disputes
  2. Improved consumer protections are on their way
  3. Who is making Australians Bankrupt  A report into forced bankruptcy
  4. Recent Westpac responsible lending decision
  5. Afterthoughts on the Financial Services Royal Commission and Aboriginal communities
Financial Rights E-flyer: June 2019.
  1. What we do at the Financial Rights Legal Centre: assist with energy payment plans
  2. URGENT upcoming changes to insurance in superannuation
  3. Priorities for the new Morrison government as we see them
  4. What changes to the National Debt Helpline in NSW mean
  5. Financial Rights’ experience with post-judgment jurisdiction
  6. Progress update on Financial Rights’ RAP
Financial Rights E-flyer: February 2019.
  1. What we do at the Financial Rights Legal Centre: advocate for debt waivers
  2. The Royal Commission: what happened and what it means
  3. What’s all the fuss about funeral insurance?
  4. Financial Rights joins the reconciliation movement
  5. The latest on ‘buy now pay later’ services
  6. Personnel changes at Financial Rights
Financial Rights E-flyer: December 2017
  1. What we do at the Financial Rights Legal Centre: Emergency resources over the holidays
  2. Watch Your Nuts!
  3. It’s Holiday Time!  Common pitfalls in Travel insurance
  4. Changes to Debt Recovery through NSW Courts
Financial Rights E-flyer: September 2017
  1. What we do at the Financial Rights Legal Centre: Helping vulnerable clients
  2. Getting Access to Super Early: Pros & Cons
  3. Solving Problems
  4. Credit Reporting Concerns
  5. Credit where credit is due
  6. 30th Anniversary Party Pics!
  7. Financial Rights’ viewpoint
  8. Financial Rights in the media
Financial Rights E-flyer: June 2017
  1. What we do at the Financial Rights Legal Centre: Energy Referral Support
  2. Big changes in External Dispute Resolution
  3. Using our Sample Letters on your Phone
  4. New Factsheets on Tolling and Insurance Excess
  5. Financial Rights’ viewpoint
  6. Financial Rights in the media
Financial Rights E-flyer: March 2017
  1. What we do at the Financial Rights Legal Centre: Financial Counselling
  2. There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch – 0% Interest Finance
  3. My Car Has Been Written Off By My Insurer – What Deductions Can My Insurer Make?
  4. New Sample Letter Generator!
  5. Title Insurance
  6. Financial Rights’ viewpoint
  7. Financial Rights in the media