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Financial Rights Legal Centre’s Powerful Consumer Advocacy Featured by

With opportunities to make financial mistakes seemingly around every corner, many consumers are in need of a little support — and a lot of education. The Financial Rights Legal Centre was recently featured in an article by consumer financial education site for standing behind Australian consumers who need a helping hand making it through credit, debt, banking, insurance, and superannuation disputes.

Through a multi-pronged approach that attacks the problem from the consumer perspective, the FRLC offers free legal advice and counseling to those who need it most, while also getting to the root of it all through research and policy advocacy.

“We offer free legal advice and financial counseling to consumers when they have credit, debt, banking, insurance, and superannuation disputes,” said Julia Davis, the Policy and Communications Officer at the Financial Rights Legal Centre. “Our aim is to reach out to vulnerable people who can’t afford a private solicitor. We’re here for people who have nowhere else to turn.”

The Centre’s dedication to empowering Australian consumers makes it a strong consumer ally and vital resource. If you find yourself in over your head and in need of a little support, contact the Financial Rights Legal Centre online or by phone through the National Debt Hotline.