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GPS trackers put repo man in passenger seat

Katherine Lane is quoted in an SHM article entitled ‘GPS trackers put repo man in passenger seat.’   The article asserts that used car dealers offering loans to people with bad credit histories are fitting GPS trackers on vehicles to keep an eye on borrowers and ensure they make payments.  Kat Lane said she has a number of concerns with lenders using GPS devices to track borrowers, particularly privacy fears. While privacy laws state someone must consent to being tracked by GPS, Ms Lane said the devices were akin to having a repo man following you around.

“Car repossession is traumatic enough without people being able to be tracked down wherever. It’s appalling to think how this can be misused,” she said. Those targeted by the GPS trackers were likely to be the most disadvantaged people who were desperate for a loan, she said.

In one instance, a complaint was filed with ASIC after a car yard in Queensland put a GPS tracker on a car sold to a borrower paying interest of 48 per cent. The timing of when a debt collector might use the tracker to repossess a car in default was also cause for concern. “The GPS tracking could be used to follow the debtor and then repossess the car when at the shops,” she said. “This could potentially leave a person stranded at night with young children.”

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