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What's New?
Introducing Financial Rights’ New Sample Letter Generator!

Financial Rights is excited to announce that we have just launched a new free interactive legal information tool for consumers!

The new tool is an interactive letter generator that can help consumers, or community workers create professional and legal letters to send to financial service providers like banks, creditors and insurance companies. The tool is designed for consumers to use without assistance, and also for community workers to use with their clients.

Letters about credit, debt and banking are only applicable in NSW, but the insurance-related letters can be used all over Australia.

Credit Debt & Banking

  • Requesting Documents
  • Letter to Bank Cancelling Direct Debit Authority
  • Letter to Business Cancelling a Direct Debit Authority
  • Dealing with Debt Collection
  • Debt Collector (Old Debts)
  • Letter Requesting Hardship Variation on a Consumer Loan or Lease
  • Offer of Settlement – Where you agree you owe all or part of a debt


  • Letter to Insurer Disputing Amount Claimed
  • Insurance Code Complaint
  • Letter to Insurer Raising a Dispute
  • Letter to Insurer Requesting Release from Debt
  • Letter to Insurer Requesting Documents
  • Letter to Insurer Offering to Pay Insurance Debt
  • Letter to Insurer – Can’t Pay Excess

The Sample Letter Generator can be accessed from the home page of  or  or through this direct link:

If you are a community worker, government employee or lawyer we would like to ask you to please promote this new tool throughout your own organisation as well as to any clients that you think might find it useful. We hope it will help consumers who are having a dispute with their financial service provider to more effectively self-advocate.

Please don’t hesitate the Financial Rights Legal Centre if you have any questions or feedback about this tool. We are always keen to improve our resources and your feedback is crucial.

And Thank You to the Law & Justice Foundation for the funding that made this tool possible!