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Financial Rights Legal Centre’s Policy Practice

Our policy and campaign work integrates with our hotline advice and casework, both from our financial counsellors and our solicitors.

We aim to identify systemic issues that contribute to financial hardship and consumer detriment, and then develop law reform, advocacy and educational responses.

We promote reforms in regulation, policy and industry practices that will help create a fairer marketplace for consumers, particularly disadvantaged consumers.

Financial Rights makes submissions to government and industry, participate in working groups, comment on draft legislation, undertake research, refer unfair practices and systematic issues to regulators and/or industry groups for investigation, and raise awareness through the media.

We also provide a range of publications including landmark reports, educational tools, webinars and newsletters to keep consumers and professionals abreast of developments in key policy areas. 

Policy Issues and Educational Campaigns

Financial Rights Legal Centre recognises that there is a vast range of policy issues that impact consumer in financial stress.

We must prioritise the issues on which we work to ensure that our resources are used strategically, efficiently and for the benefit of disadvantaged consumers.

While we will ensure we remain responsive to consumer policy issues and debates as they arise, we will retain our focus on the following priority areas during 2014-2015

Financial Rights’ policy activities are funded by NSW Fair Trading, NSW Attorney General and the Victorian Fire Services Levy Monitor.

Our Policy Priorities

  • Responsible lending: We oppose the Australian Government’s proposal to repeal laws;
  • Bankruptcy: Make the COVID19 response temporary increase to the threshold permanent;
  • Data and AI (Open banking and insurance): Ongoing campaign to increase safety and utility for consumers;
  • Natural Disasters (including COVID-19): Improve industry and regulator response, promote regulatory framework for more effective and affordable insurance.

Secondary policy priorities

  • Credit reporting (COVID response);
  • Implementation of the Royal Commission Recommendations;
  • NSW policy issues (car napping / credit hire; pawn-broking);
    Economic abuse issues.

Supporting other consumers groups only (although we continue to provide client services):

  • Pay day lending;
  • Consumer leases;
  • Debt management firms.