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Sample Letters
Insurance Letter of Demand

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Address of at fault party

Dear Sir/Madam

RE: Claim for damage to motor vehicle

I refer to the incident on [INSERT DATE] at [INSERT LOCATION OF INCIDENT]

I am the owner of the vehicle with registration number [INSERT REGISTRATION NUMBER]

I hold the driver of your car [INSERT REGISTRATION NUMBER] responsible for the damage to my vehicle.

The damage to my vehicle I have calculated as $ [INSERT AMOUNT]

A copy of the invoices, quotes, receipts [select which is appropriate] is enclosed.

If you are insured, please forward this letter to them and provide me your claim number

If payment is not made by [INSERT DATE between 14-28 days in future] I may commence legal action against you to recover the amount. Legal costs may be added to the debt

My contact details are:

[Insert address for payment or method of payment]


Yours sincerely,

[Full name]

[Your Mailing Address]

[Your contact Telephone number]