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Arabic Radio Kit

Talking Money in Today’s Language : The Arabic Radio Project about Credit and Debt

Thinking about getting a credit card? Perhaps a friend has asked you to guarantee their loan? Considering an interest-free loan, or maybe a mobile phone? Being hounded by debt collectors? There are important things you need to know about first.

Financial Rights Legal Centre has produced a series of radio segments in Arabic covering these issues and more. Explore the situations Um Ziad and Abu Ziad get themselves into and discover how you can avoid common pitfalls and stay financially healthy.

Download the Arabic Radio Kit in PDF format to read along as you listen

Scenario 1: Credit Cards

Um Ziad has just gotten a credit card – what has she got herself into?

Scenario 2: Guaranteeing a Loan

Abu Ziad shows kindness to his good friend Abel and becomes a guarantor for Abel’s loan – but now Abel has lost his job!

Scenario 3: Interest-free Loans

Abu Ziad shows kindness to his good friend Abel and becomes a guarantor for Abel’s loan Ð but now Abel has lost his job!

Scenario 4: Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are so popular right now and Abu Ziad wants one. But what does his phone contract say? And what happens when he loses the phone?

Scenario 5: Separation and Debt

All the stress from the previous debts take their toll and Abu Ziad separates from his wife Um Ziad. But does Um Ziad now have to repay Abu Ziad’s debts?

Scenario 6: Debt Recovery

Debt collectors are chasing Abu Ziad for money! Can they really call him at work and at 10pm at night? What can debt collectors do to him?

Scenario 7: Bankruptcy

Abu Ziad is tired of making debt repayments. He wants to declare bankruptcy to get out of his debts. But does he know of all the serious consequences of being a bankrupt?

Scenario 8: Mortgage Brokers

Abla can’t afford her home mortgage payments now that her husband has died. Are mortgage brokers the answer? Or will high brokerage fees and interest rates put her into even more debt?

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First published in 2004 with support and funding from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the Macarthur Legal Centre, The Law and Justice Foundation of NSW and The Ian Potter Foundation.

Reprinted March 2006 with funding from the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW.

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