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Fact sheets

Financial Hardship

Getting a loan

What should I do before I borrow money?

Taking out a loan for a property, car or other property is a big decision.

Be sure it’s the right one, by first checking out our fact sheet on what to do before you borrow money.

You can also use these checklists to make sure you are taking the right steps:

Thinking of using a Finance/Mortgage Broker?

Using a Broker to obtain finance or get a mortgage could end up costing you more than if you had obtained finance yourself! Check out our fact sheet before you consider using a finance or mortgage broker

Before you do anything seek free, independent advice and check out our Checklist: Using a finance/mortgage broker

Problems with your loan

Financial Counselling


Debt collection

What is a debt agreement?

At some point, someone might propose that you enter a debt agreement. Debt agreements have serious consequences that you may not be aware of.

Before you take this step, it’s essential to get advice from a free, independent counsellor, contact: 1800 007 007.

You can learn more about debt agreements by checking out our Checklist: Debt agreements.

The NSW Local Court

What if I receive a Statement of Claim?

A Statement of Claim is an official court document completed by someone who thinks you owe them money. If you receive a Statement of Claim, you need to act quickly! 

Check out our Checklist: Statement of claim.



If you need advice about an insurance claim or issue check our Insurance Law Service.

If you need advice about a car insurance claim or issue head to Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Car Insurance

Why do I have to pay my excess?

Why do I have to pay my excess? Why do I have multiple excesses? Check out our fact sheet to understand more about what “excess” is and what you need to do.

Each insurer is different. Some insurers require you to pay an excess no matter who is at fault, others require you to provide specific details and convince the insurer you are not at fault. Find out more details about paying your excess by checking out our Checklist: Paying your excess.

Home and Contents Insurance

Natural Disasters

Other Types of Insurance

Problems with Your Insurance

What can I do if I am being investigated by an insurer?

Check out our fact sheet to find out what you should do if you are being investigated on a general insurance claim.

Insurers are always on the lookout for fraud. If you have to participate in an insurance interview you have a duty to reasonably cooperate.

Make sure you know your rights and responsibilities when you are being investigated by checking out our Checklist: Insurance Interviews.

Mob Strong Fact Sheets

Mob Strong Debt Help

Funeral insurance

Does your client have or had a funeral insurance policy with the Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund?

If you are a financial counsellor or solicitor and you have a client who has or has had a funeral insurance policy with the Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund (ACBF), now owned by Youpla, and was misled into thinking ACBF were Aboriginal owned and managed when they signed up, they should seek advice about their options.