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The Financial Rights Legal Centre provides several letter templates that you can use to write to your creditors, insurers or Ombudsmen. The letter templates help you to write to the other party in different situations. You can add your own details such as your name, address and the reasons why you can’t pay the money. None of your data is stored, so your privacy is secure.

Letters will not be sent automatically to the other party, so you will need to copy & paste the generated letter into your email or into a Word document in order to send the letter to the other party.  Once you have pasted the generated letter into your own email or Word program you can make additional changes to the main text of the letter, however we do not advise deleting any of the legal content that has been automatically generated.

More information about how to use these letters can be found in our Guidelines. If you have any questions about how to use the letter templates or if you need legal advice or financial counselling before completing a letter, please call 1800 007 007. Note: This program may not work properly in older versions of Internet Explorer.

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Other Letters to Download (not automatically generated)

These letters have been produced with the financial assistance of the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW. The Foundation seeks to advance the fairness and equity of the justice system and to improve access to justice, especially for socially and economically disadvantaged people.
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